As Movember approaches we want you all supporting this great charity by growing a Mo during November. Get fundraising & hold launch parties, gala parties, growing parties! Order your cask of Moustache Beer – Call us on 01926 450747.

This year is all about ‘Movember & Sons’ – Knowledge is power; the time to learn and grow is now. Prepare yourself my son.

Knowledge shared from one generation to the next and wisdom passed down by one’s dad or mentor, plays a meaningful role in shaping who we become. This learning continues throughout life but also reaches a point at which the exchange is reversed and insight is passed back up the chain.

This Movember, we will encourage all men to seek and share knowledge and wisdom with mates and loved ones, to learn their family health history and to understand the risks they face. These simple actions can have a significant impact of the quality and longevity of your journey through life.